Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shower of Bastards

So, after many blissful years of peace at home, we've finally been the victims of a break-in. I've learned the worst thing about having your house broken into isn't what they take, it's what they leave behind. There's a void where things were.

In physical terms, we've lost all the wife's jewellery. While there's not a huge cost associated with it, we aren't exactly family Fauntleroy, there are items that can't be replaced. Hand-me-down pieces from the wife's mother and her mother's mother; necklaces earmarked to be passed to our daughters when they enter adulthood. Other pieces with huge sentimental value, reminders of loved lost ones.

In mental terms, it's security and confidence lost. You feel you've got your house to the point of being your own safe space - an inviolable castle, the family fortress - and some nasty, mean-spirited, malicious bastard takes that away from you with a single crowbar.

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