Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fitness for our Future

Finally took the plunge into wearable tech, and picked up a Fitbit Flex as I’m keen to monitor better my general fitness levels (currently set to “poor”) and utilise better data to track it.

When you pick up new toys, the first thing that comes to mind is all the other things you could potentially do with it.

For example, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the band changed colour, perhaps moving from white to red as a notification over time as the time grew since my last active exercise (i.e. running rather than simply walking). It would practically be a public badge of shame that I hadn’t done anything recently – and surely it would incentivise me into getting it being “back in the white” as it were.

Had a nagging sensation I’d seen this technology already out there, but couldn’t find anything.

Then the penny dropped.

We’re halfway toward Logan’s Run.

Funny how the introduction of technology gives us a slow creep toward the inevitability of having everything in our life measured and monitored.

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