Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke - unboxing

While it's a slow month on the painting side so far, it's a great month for procrastination, sorting and filing miniatures and receiving Kickstarters. Chief among them has been the delivery of my Infamy Big Smoke order from the middle of last year. It took a while to arrive, and was a good six months past the originally anticipated date but was well worth the wait. I finally got the chance to sit down and catalog the pieces before assembling and priming ...

Uncle John

Sherlock Holmes

Nikola Tesla (KS Exclusive)

Dimension Hop Tesla (KS Special)


Frank Hyde

Princess Outis (KS Exclusive)


The Big Boss
(can't tell you how gorgeous this model is, I'm petrified of touching it now!)


John Watson

Alternate Crookes (KS Special)

Professor Hoome (KS Exclusive)

Harry 'The Hat' Hallahan (KS Exclusive)

Small Futura (KS Special)

Mr Kingdom



The Toad

Captain Brindie (KS Special)

(also the subject of a detailed painting tutorial by Ben Komets on Painting Buddha, which came with the pledge level I opted for)

In addition to the above, I picked up the Infamy Ton from their Black Market at Salute.


Tesla at 54mm

Princess Outis

Beast of Bakerloo

Tesla bust

Flower Girl

Futura (Ranged) & Futura (Melee) at 54mm

This isn't even the full range - just the ones I picked. So there's probably another 20+ models that you can pick up, but I focused on Kickstarter exclusives and ones that just leapt out at me as too fun to miss out on.

You may be spotting I quite like the Tesla and Futura models.

The detail on these figures is fantastic across the range, no matter the sculptor, and they've left me in the same wonderful and terrible position that Guild Ball did. I have a set of supremely detailed figures that I'll never do justice to paint-wise. It has given me an appreciation of the talent of folk painting them to such a high standard. I was impressed by Megazord Man's output before I had hands on the figures - but now I've seen the size of them, I don't even know how he can pick out that detail by eye - let alone paint it so beautifully.

Regarding Infamy themselves, they ran a great campaign, and had regular, informative updates for the backers and I'd consider backing subsequent campaigns. Well, once this mountain of resin is painted ...

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