Monday, 2 May 2016

Black Scorpion: Preacher

Finally completed the hired hands from Black Scorpion, with the Preacher joining the party ...

Group shot of the finished crew ...

Sadly I dropped the Navigator and the candle snapped off and I can't find it anywhere - so that's why he's relegated to the back row :( Miffed about that, but I'm hopeful it will turn up at some point.

Enjoyed painting these, but the sculpts aren't as crisp in the minutiae as others I've painted recently - and when, like me, you're limited in ability it's surprising how often you rely on the features to do the heavy lifting for you. With that said, I picked up their Salute 2016 figure this year and that looks to be a little step up in quality again, so more power to them.

While this finishes off the set of five, it doesn't see the end of the pirates just yet. So here's a teaser for what's coming next ...

To paraphrase Princess Leia ... aren't you a little short for a pirate?

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